How To Get Approved For A Car Loan With Bad Credit In Canada?

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How To Get Approved For A Car Loan With Bad Credit In Canada?

Canadians with credit that is far from perfect go through the stress and insecurity of not getting approved for a vehicle or ending up with a bad deal when walking into any dealership. Titanium Auto Credit is a finance division of the top-rated Titanium Autogroup and together we are reinventing the car industry by ensuring a more transparent and smoother buying experience for each and every one of our customers. Knowingly, our finance specialists are committed to providing tips for anyone who’s in the market for a vehicle and want to improve their chances of getting approved for a car loan.

Firstly, it is crucial to understand that having bad or no credit doesn’t mean you will end up with a bad deal. There are many lenders and professionals in the industry today who are focused on helping and assisting every prospect of various situations. However, it is important to also assess your situation and be realistic. Building or rebuilding a relationship with financial lenders takes time and is not done in a matter of days; your expectations need to be consistent to your situation.

Secondly, doing your homework and researching online is an extremely valuable tool and it comes in handy. This is why we focus on developing valuable articles for you when it comes to understanding your situation a little bit better. Luckily we live in an era where the great majority of Canadians are already connected to the internet and have access to an endless amount of content which are designed to help you. Use that to your advantage, research, gain some education then choose one company you can trust to deal with.

Correspondingly, we advise that you don’t apply to more than one financial institution. Multiple inquiries are deemed as a desperate attempt to get approved for anything, anywhere. Stick with one company that is transparent and filled with experienced and skilled specialists. Additionally, getting pre-approved online before walking into a dealership is a powerful negotiation weapon when walking into a dealership - you basically become a cash buyer with a pre-approval in hands and know the best possible rate you can get approved for. Usually, if you’re making more than $1,800 per month you would qualify for an auto loan in Canada.

However, if your situation isn’t looking good even after these tips, consider a co-signer. They will be able to assure extra security to your loan in the eyes of the banks. The advantages of doing so are endless: you will get lower rates, a better vehicle and potentially lower your payments.

Despite it all, an easy and sometimes overlooked action that instantly helps your situation is saving some money for a few months for a down-payment. 20%-30% of the total amount of the vehicle is preferred simply because you are borrowing less money from a lender. Accordingly, putting some money down is also beneficial because it avoids or mitigates the negative equity on your vehicle. As we are all aware, vehicles are a depreciating asset. It is common to see customers who owe more than their vehicles are worth. Consider a down payment the next time you are shopping for a vehicle.

All in all, purchasing a vehicle with bad credit shouldn’t be a traumatizing experience. Many specialists use their years and decades of experience on assuring you will get approved for the best deal you possibly can. Choose to work with a company you can trust and that is transparent and you should be able to drive the vehicle of your dreams and rebuild or build your credit in no time. Pay your new instalments on time and you will see your credit score being boosted quickly.

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